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Sector 614 is a quaint shoe box shaped building filled with an amazing assortment of contemporary art work including paintings, sculptures, furnishings, lighting, showers, projector screen, push-pull doors, and much much more! The interior make up is mostly a product of Tietsort Design, a specialty construction contractor, as well as an eclectic collection of local artists, architects, and other associated parties. The existing red brick walls and rustic wood construction combined with the polished, contemporary interior build-out create a very unique atmosphere!

Sector 614 is located right in the heart of the Film District at 614 W. Sheridan, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73102, just west of the Historic Colcord Hotel, the Cox Convention Center, Bricktown, and Botanical Gardens. Sitting on the perimeter rim of the downtown area and 2 blocks North of I-40 makes this a great location that’s easy to find.

The assortment of artistic expressions within the building are what make Sector 614 truly unique and unlike any other space. Everything from the chrome orbs located at the front exterior wall parapet, to the push-pull, restroom glass door combine to celebrate artistry and originality!

Sector 614 has a very simplistic, clean, and functional layout. Facing Sheridan is a 2,900 square foot leasable space equipped with a full, all glass counter top, kitchenette. With a 50’ width and 15’ high ceilings, there’s a great sense of openness. The glass frontage and skylights throughout provide a healthy amount of natural day lighting. The rest rooms are ADA accessible and also outfitted with spacious glass showers! The floors are an assortment of stone and granite tile. Behind all of this is a 2,530 square foot storage space!