Note the orientation of the hammer strut so you don't put it in backward during reassembly. The … The Ruger SP-101 is a great revolver, but the factory double action trigger pull can be heavy and a bit rough. Ruger Revolvers SP101. This helped a bunch, but the let-off is still a little to stiff. Nevertheless, I hope until this reviews about it Beretta Usa Trigger Billennium Brownells And Ruger Sp101 Trigger Job Guide will end up being useful. The brushed stainless finish looks great. Product #: 1753510 Part Key: 63. These are Ruger factory fitted parts. hammer spring from a .357 SP101 and a Wolff 8 lb. Only other revolver there was another GP100 that had trigger job. 58 Posts #8 • Aug 21, 2016. If you searching to check on Ruger Sp101 Trigger Job Guide And Beretta Usa Sear 680 Brownells Italia price. There is a way to lube the sear without taking the gun apart. Services & Packages available for the SP101 Centerfire Revolvers . Thanks Willem I like Rugers because they are so robust. Parts List. ruger sp101 trigger job guide, sp101 trigger job, sp101 trigger job guide, sp101 trigger job instructions, trigger job for ruger sp101. She loves this gun and shoots it quite well even with magnum loads. Email this Page. Click on a term to search for related topics. The LCRX is an ugly little dog in comparison. It's nice having one in 9mm for the low ammo cost. Custom Ruger LCP Trigger Upgrade to Reduce your Ruger LCP Trigger Pull by nearly 50% on your Ruger LCP Pistol for the Ultimate Ruger LCP Trigger Job. [This post is part of our series, What I’m Carrying Now. The larger mass of the SP101 vs the LCRx I have stopps me from pocket carry in the summer. So far, have never had a … :eek: Here's the results of some spring swapping I did using a factory 14 lb. . Items For Sale. Picked up two of his unfired rounds with shallow primer dents. To me the SP101 is a thing of beauty. It's what I call a "Poor Boy's Trigger Job", hence the title of this article. None of them want to buy a revolver once they have fired my XD compact 9mm, however. There are many shooters, myself included, who would rather dispense with the added cost and time delay, and just get to enjoy the new revolver. While the money spent on such a good trigger job is well worth the cost. Action job- 2 1/2# SA pull, 8# DA pull smooth and no creep. $115.00: Action Job: Ruger ® Redhawk ® Ruger ® GP-100 ® Ruger SP101 ® Still a long smooth trigger but not as heavy. Ordered a Wilson spring kit (10, 12 pound hammer springs, 8 pound trigger spring, trigger and hammer shims) from Midway and … “J” Frame triggers are polished & radiused. The gun rides in a Simply Rugged IWB pancake holster. Contains a 10 Reduced Power Rebound Trigger Spring and 10lb and 12lb Reduced Power Hammer Spring. Many clients report that this alone is worth the entire price of the Super Action Job! Barrel Parts Bolt Parts Books & Videos ... High tensile strength wire delivers reliable function. 12lb main and 8lb trigger springs. You cannot obtain replacements from Ruger or Brownells and if you mess any of these up, you are probably going to have to send the gun back to Ruger, unless you can find a replacement on ebay, or elsewhere. I like the longer barrel for shooting but not so much for carrying. YouTube - ‪"Getting Stoned with Yoda" Ruger GP100 Trigger Job‬‏ "A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government." The cost was springs, and sweat equity. I hope this video helped you out in any way! My 2.4" and my 4.2" models are easy to shoot. #349 Ruger SP101 - RP 10 & 12 lb hammer springs; RP trigger return spring. If you enjoy this article, please like and share it. Order Form. WILSON COMBAT - #349 RUGER SP101 SPRING KIT. I own a Ruger SP101 .357. Strong and reliable shot after shot, all Ruger SP101 ® revolvers have solid steel sidewalls (no side-plates), making them rugged, reliable, and dependable. TH from Iowa writes . I got asked to do a video on how I did my trigger job on my Ruger SP101, So Here it is! # 5719). I see a few places that do full custom jobs, but not many if any that will do simple work. This is a worthwhile reference for DIY trigger jobs for either the Ruger GP100 or the SP101: I haven't done a trigger job but this helped a little. If you searching to test Ruger Sp101 Trigger Job Guide And P226 Top Rated Supplier Of Firearm Reloading Equipment price. Switch to Hybrid Mode . I got it used at my local gun shop and it already had a trigger job, double action is just over 7 lbs as smooth as silk. Misc & Conversion Options. They all get an opportunity to fire the Ruger. I live in Michigan and would rather keep it here, but I am willing to ship; just trying to contain costs. I intend to purchase a Ruger SP101 in the near future (Ruger Cat. Just a quick $0.02, but Ruger GP100 and SP101 trigger jobs are very easy, a change of springs and some polishing. The LCRX is about $50 to $100 cheaper than the SP101 depending where you shop. Read Before Ordering. Ordering and Payment Info. Trigger Guard Latch Spring, Medium, Blue, New Reproduction. I’ve carried a Ruger SP101 .357 for about ten years… at first as my primary EDC, but mostly as a backup gun since. Thread Tools: Show Printable Version. Ruger SP-101 Complete Trigger Job (Read 2073 times) mrgaf. Ruger Revolvers. The SP101 has more mass, weighs more, somewhat bigger than the LCRs. I’m a certified firearms instructor, and I teach a lot of women, many of them first time novices. Same design as the GP trigger group and Wolff has about the same options for both frames. Speaking of trigger return, many Ruger owners complain about the “false reset” in the Ruger action that causes it to lock up if the trigger isn’t fully reset. Wilson Combat Custom-Tune Spring Kit Ruger SP101 Product Family #: 1004158679 ... made from high-tensile spring wire for the finest possible action tuning jobs. Hope you enjoy Best way to Improve the Ruger LCP Trigger and not compromise anything! I can report that after having my Smith replace the trigger and hammer springs with the Wollf kit, the trigger is really, really good. Both of them can get the job well! Others have reported that the SP101 lends itself well to a bit of trigger work, and they are quite right. SP101. I've had a Wolff spring kit in my .22LR SP101 since shortly after I bought it in the mid-90s. It can be improved with a "trigger job". The trigger is heavy but pretty smooth. The 8lb trigger spring gives me about a 2.75-3lb SA pull. I got a trigger job a few years ago on my GP100 from Greg Derr for $85 plus providing ammo for him to test fire. I also carry a Streamlight Stylus Pro flashlight and a Gerber Air Ranger pocket knife. Bearcat. I adjust that reset point so that it isn’t as noticeable, which greatly reduces the incidence of the problem. I carry Federal 158 grain.357 soft point in a Tuff speed strip.. I bought the sp101 in stainless with 4 inch barrel 357 mag for my wife. For those, there is a much simpler and cheaper solution. This Complete's my video of the Ruger SP101 Trigger Job. Great little gun, but the trigger is a little "stiff" Have worked the sear 1500 times with a gloved thumb between the frame and hammer. I’m carrying a Ruger SP101 3-inch .357 Magnum loaded with PDX1 Defender.38 +p.. Forever. Big Book Catalog, Issue:72, Page:244. Cock the hammer [61] or pull the trigger [62] half way to expose a pin hole at the bottom of the hammer strut. It has a 5 pound trigger, by the way. Insert a paper clip or the pin from behind the grip panel into the pin hole at the bottom end of the hammer strut. the accuracy is astounding. Single Six. Both the SP101 and the GP100 are great handheld revolvers with small size for concealed carrying purpose to protect yourself. You can refer back to the schematic or this picture if you forget. Ruger SP101 ® You Can Never Be Too Prepared. The SP101 can be improved with the usual Ruger trigger job. Trigger Group Parts Safety Parts Shotgun Parts. ! Lightest, smoothest double action trigger I've ever come across. Display Modes: Linear Mode. used in their centerfire SP101's. Which one do want to keep by your side, it’s up to your personal preferences and your shooting skills. He was my partner so I saw, felt, every round he fired and during the week of shooting, heard at least half a dozen misfires, failures to fire, whatever the term. Switch to Threaded Mode. Recently picked up a 4" Ruger SP101 in 22LR. The 640 Pro Series got a much needed trigger job the first week. It was definitely worth it to me as the trigger pull was noticeably lighter. Kits include the various springs necessary to assure reliable function, smooth operation, consistency, and long life. Thank's for your support and comment's!!!! I haven't tried any other brand revolver. Gun Pictures . The SP101 has a 4.6 inch barrel while the LCRX has a 3 inch barrel. The Ruger LCP Trigger Spring Kit is one of the Best Ruger LCP Accessories to improve your accuracy and tighten your shot groups. . Not sure about the LCRX. SPECS: RP = Reduced Power, XP = Extra Power. I might do a polish job in it eventually but it's perfectly adequate for me. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 16 of 16 Posts. $225. GP100. How It's Made. Customers and their guns. I will carry it to my trusted ‘smith; have him do an action job on it, shim the hammer/trigger, replace the front sight w/ a tritium sight, cerakote it SOCOM Blue (to resemble classic blueing), and … My Ruger in the picture has had a set of springs that noticeably smoothed and reduced the triggers felt pull weight. Spring kit installed. Trade Count: Hero Member; Posts: 2025 ; Total likes: 311; Referrals: 0; Ruger SP-101 Complete Trigger Job « on: August 25, 2018, 06:20:48 PM » Decided to do a total trigger job to my SP-101 357. Made in the U.S.A. Guaranteed. Easy disassembly and reassembly. 92 Posts #2 • Dec 2, 2009. the easiest way to lighten it up is to add the Wolff spring pack that includes a lightened main spring and trigger return spring. Particularly a trigger job and perhaps change to a fiber optic front. Had I not done it myself, the gun and trigger job would have exceeded the cost of the Kimber which is and will remain, box stock from the factory. Made … Service Action Job: Smith & Wesson ® Ruger ® Speed-Six ™ Ruger ® Service-Six ™ Ruger ® Security-Six ™ Double & Single Action lightened and smoothed to be reliable with all primers. This guide will walk you through the process of completing a trigger job. … I think Ruger is putting a hammer spring in their new 8 shot .22LR that's stronger than the usual 14 lbs. The trigger out of the box was decent, but it was certainly stiff. This thing is built to last generations. Shooting my 2.4" snub is a dream. Improving the trigger pull involves disassembling the revolver, sanding / polishing surfaces, installing shims, and replacing factory springs with lighter springs. It has the fiber optic front sight and adjustable rear. Ruger GP100 Trigger Job Warning. Trigger Guard Latch Spring Enlarge Image.

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