Proudly created with N771BC (1972 CESSNA 310Q owned by THORNTON KEVIN M) aircraft registration information with aircraft photos, flight tracking, and maps. A straight-tail Cessna 310 with the gear in transition. The Cessna 172 makes an excellent beginner trainer for those moving on to the 172RG (Retractable landing Gear) or Cessna 310 twin-engine aircraft. At the time of its 1954 introduction, the Cessna 310, a model unsullied by a marketing-commanded name, proved emblematic of the time. State. Looking for a new or used Cessna 310 / 320? A 310 wasn't Sky King's first on-screen accomplice; there was a T- 50 Bamboo Bomber before it, but the later twin Cessna is perhaps the most memorable. Cessna 310G. Discussion in 'Flight Following' started by k9medic, Aug 9, 2020. k9medic Pre-takeoff checklist. Some well-known Cessna 310’s. The short nose 310’s, which includes all models through 1970-74 310Q are often referred to as “short nose models”. Price $ $ Total Time. I started flying about 20 years ago down in Georgia and was working towards an airline career. $175/hour A television series by the name of ‘Sky King’ which first aired in 16 September 1951 featured an aircraft called SONGBIRD. Operational history Commercial applications. Joined: Sep 27, 2018 Messages: 415 Location: Florida Display Name: Display name: ATP-H, CMEL, CSEL, CFI/CFII Airplanes and Helicopters. Cessna 310 true cost of ownership. Come visit us online at and see our huge inventory, you won\'t be disappointed ! We carry the highest quality aircraft at the best price. ©2019 by 310 Pilot. The 310 was also the only one of these 1950s models with two prototypes, and we reverted to just one prototype for the 620, but the Air Force required three of them for the more extensive testing of the higher speed T-37. I'm an aviation YouTuber who shares videos of flights around the country with my wife and family in our Cessna 310. About Me. 310's (20) 310 (1) 310D (1) 310H (1) 310L (1) 310Q (2) 310R (7) T310R (7) Year. The Cessna 310 is a complicated airplane. The models used were always Cessna twins, culminating with a number of Cessna 310’s. Region. Number of Seats. I decided to make the switch to Air Traffic Control and now just fly for fun. The 1959 model 310C that went missing was a capable airplane with a full suite of deicing equipment, including leading edge pneumatic boots, which is rare for a 310 of that vintage to have. The best known Flying Crown Ranch aircraft was a 1958 Cessna 310B, serial number 35548. Turbo-charging, as an option, was introduced with the 1969 T310P. The Cessna 172 is a four-place airplane used for training, as well as for charter flights and rental. The Cessna 310 was a common charter aircraft for the many air taxi firms that sprang up in the general aviation boom that followed World War II. So here is a 2005 Cessna 310 status report. The Cessna 310 was a major departure for the company–all metal, low wing and tricycle gear. The 310R, manufactured from 1975-81 is the long nose model. But the 310 still offers substantial transportation value, and the many different variants that were built as the model evolved means it shouldn t be hard to find the right one for your mission.üü The tall landing gear might be thought of as delicate and its systems demanding, both to maintain and operate.